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touch screen monitor We are the touch screen monitor manufacturer for 12 years, we supply android tablet(10.1 to 32 inch), windows all in one pc(10.4 to 21.5 inch), lcd monitor(10.4 to 32 inch) and pos system, capacitive touch screen/4-wire touch/ir touch sccreen optional, RAM 1GB/2GB/4GB optional, ROM 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB. Android /Windows /Linux OS optional. we suuply […]

Application Of Industrial Monitor Do you know which fields can use our product? Let’s talk about the application of industrial monitor today! Face recognition Home automation Arcade game machine entertainment Advertising player ATM Self service kiosk Payment cash register Medical equipment Video conference system Security monitoring Except for these, it also can use in hotel […]

The Study Tour From Alibaba We entertain two group of study tour from Alibaba today, it is two speeches totally¬†in the morning and afternoon. It is the speeches of our boss Gina. The first group of students arrived¬†on time in the morning. They¬†are¬†excited and happy. Looked around and took pictures. When speech time¬†they¬†are be serious […]

The difference between vertical advertising¬†player¬†and wall-mounted¬†digital signage 1. Differences in usage scenarios. We believe that¬†the application¬†scenarios is the primary point of choosing an advertising¬†player.¬†It is just a mobile phone if without application¬†scenarios (But who would like that?). Knowing the use¬†so you¬†can better choose the advertising machine. In general, vertical advertising machines are generally used in […]

Talk About Advertising Player The placement of the vertical advertising machine is mobile and can also attract people’s attention. It is mainly used in industries such as banking, finance, hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls. It vividly displays advertising information and interprets the brand image. The wall-mounted advertising player is mounted at the wall, becoming a […]

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