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Application Notice For Tablet PC Keep Cleaning.Regularly clean the tablet pc to keep tidy. Avoid direct sun shine and keep the fire away. Do not spread the cleaner on the screen when cleaning, you should dab cleaner or water to cloth, then wipe off dust. Be away from chemicals, extremely the corrosive. Please unplug the power cable if not use. Please use […]

Do you use wireless charger to charge phones? Do you use wireless charger to charge phones? With the technology developing, it nowaday support wireless charging technology. It is really convenient. With a QC 3.0 adaptor, it can quickly charge when you put your devices on the wireless charger. Most of devices support wireless charging gradually. […]

The Fourth Thursday In November- Thanksgiving Day Today is the fourth Thursday in November! It is Thanksgiving day in America. It is meaningful and nice day. People should think of th esource when he or she drinks water. They appreciate the nature for the dilicious food it gives. They appreciate harvest. They celebrate for their life. Today here we would like […]

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