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The use of multimedia LCD advertising machine and the common sense of daily maintenance: 1. Since most of the multimedia LCD advertising machines are used in public places, the voltage instability may cause equipment damage. It is recommended to use stable mains power, and must not use the same power supply with high-power equipment such […]

The touch advertising machine has the value of maximizing scene value, promoting sales, visual shock, dazzling color, impression display, and brand promotion. “All-in-one” integrated design, the operating system chip is built into the display, which not only has powerful display performance, but also can provide maximized advertising effect and friendly user interface; and many other […]

The interactive touch all-in-one pc retail kiosk can not only bring shocking effects to the audience in appearance, but also design according to the needs of users in operation. You can choose the order and speed of reading information by yourself; you can even complete information query, coupon printing, non-cash transactions, etc. The easy-to-use interaction […]

The touch screen query machine is the most convenient, simple, natural and practical human-computer interaction equipment. It integrates computer technology, multimedia technology, audio technology, network technology, industrial plastic art, machinery manufacturing technology, streamlined integrated design beautiful. Generally, it includes touch screen, monitor, computer, audio equipment, power supply equipment and touch cabinet, as well as power […]

An industrial tablet PC, also known as an industrial all-in-one computer, is a computer that is used in an industrial environment. Like ordinary computers, it is also composed of a display device and a host computer. The difference is that the material of the industrial tablet PC’s equipment is designed for industrial environments and can […]

Industrial monitor is a monitor used in industrial scenarios. Industrial monitors are different from ordinary household monitors, it will have higher requirements for the use of the machine environment, in addition to the general household monitor features, but also need to have dust, moisture, electromagnetic interference, impact, high and low temperature resistance, etc., if it […]

We can see monitor everywhere in our daily life. However, some people do not why a monitor have different types. Today, Symtrue would like to tell you something about the difference a high-brightness monitor and an ordinary monitor.    1. High brightness Compared with TV and PC LCD, high brightness LCD has higher brightness. the […]

The basic structure of industrial panel PCs and commercial computers is the same, also by the central processor CPU, motherboard, graphics card, internal memory, external memory hard disk, display, chassis and other components. Industrial panel computer CPU: central processing unit, CPU has a single-core and multi-core processor. Equivalent to the human brain, problem analysis and […]

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