Scenic spot intelligent touch query integrated navigation system

With the development of society, intelligent touch query navigation system plays a very important role in all walks of life. Relying on the strong scientific research strength, the intelligent touch query all-in-one computer guidance system focuses on the exploration and research of computer intelligent recognition, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. In order to realize the scenic spots, tourists, tourism departments tripartite win-win situation as the goal, strive to build wisdom to the competent department of tourism and scenic spot scenic spot solution, with tourists travel information quickly and effectively, realize the tourism services and products trading, providing convenient and comfortable travel experience as the guide, with the most advanced, the most powerful wisdom travel application products to create maximum value for customers.
Scenic spot intelligent navigation solution is mainly divided into the following parts:
1. Cartoon map guide: Hand-drawn cartoon map is used to vividly show the characteristics of the scenic spot, with real-time navigation function, so as to find the destination more accurately.
2. Route recommendation: There are many recommended tourist routes in the scenic area, which provide the nearest, most labor-saving, time-saving and most adventurous way to arrive.
3. Visit here (social interaction): Use the construction of sound and photo function to increase the interaction among tourists and expand the publicity of the scenic spot.
4. Voice explanation: The construction of voice and photo function is adopted to increase the interaction among tourists and expand the publicity of the scenic spot.
5.720 degree panoramic display: the 720 degree panoramic function solves the problem of single function of traditional guide map, and brings people a new sense of reality and interaction, which is more realistic and more economical.
6. Peripheral services: Online shopping malls and hotels are built to bring convenience to tourists and improve their experience.

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