Shopping mall and supermarket touch screen query kiosk system

The advantages of the touch inquiry machine in the industry have been favored by various industries, and it has played an active role in promoting the company’s development. Especially in the promotion and display of products, the advantages of the touch inquiry machine in shopping malls are prominent. Next, let’s take a look at the application analysis of the touch query all-in-one machine in product promotion and display.
The touch query all-in-one system used for product display includes the following:

1. Product classification information query

1). Product category query
2). Product information search

2. Common sense of product quality identification

1). Common sense of classification product identification
2). Fight fake news

3. Product Recommendations

4. Merchant Referral

5. Product classified ads

6. Advertise it

Merchants can make product information in the form of advertisements into mobile media files and store them on the server. Readers can play them directly on the touch query all-in-one machine, or take the initiative to play randomly when the touch and query all-in-one machine is idle.

7. Query response

Compared with the traditional static information propaganda preface, the touch query all-in-one machine uses a dynamic and perfect cyclic broadcast system to quickly and accurately transmit product information to consumers, and can get the consumer’s response query data as soon as a problem occurs. Direct-to-consumer, interactive information query and consumer response functions are the things that use today’s leading computer network system for product supervision and promotion.

At present, the solution of the touch query all-in-one machine in the product consultation display is very extensive in the more prosperous large and medium cities in China, and its development prospects will be more and more broad.

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