Smart advertising player in business hotel lobby

Nowadays, the multimedia advertising player is developing rapidly, and the intelligent advertising player is widely used. It is a good choice to put an intelligent advertising player in the hotel. It is convenient for users to use, and can independently inquire about restaurant introductions, local tourist attractions, and other information. With the rapid development of science and technology, LCD intelligent advertising touch all-in-one machines tend to be diversified, and the styles include wall-mounted, floor-standing, touch-type, LCD dual-screen display series, vertical all-in-one machines and other styles. We all know that the hotel is the place with the largest flow of people and the largest amount of information. As a multimedia information publishing device, LCD smart advertising touch all-in-one machines have frequently appeared in various applications in hotels. According to the needs of diversified and personalized service scenarios in hotels, LCD smart advertising touch all-in-one machines are also featured in different models and locations. Design the layout plan in a targeted manner to meet the customer’s scene needs.

For example, a floor-standing intelligent advertising touch all-in-one machine can be installed in the lobby of a business hotel, which can be used to publish information such as hotel introduction, daily banquet information, and hotel promotional videos. The two provide information query channels, query hotel-related information, and business hotel banquet halls; they can also display welcome words, banquet topics, and publish daily meeting information in the banquet hall. It can be said that from the overall perspective of its beautiful, stylish appearance and excellent performance, it highlights the full sense of technology of the intelligent advertising touch all-in-one machine, and improves the service level of the hotel! Placing LCD smart advertising touch all-in-one machines in hotel public entertainment places or corridors, passages, etc., can update and play hotel customized information anytime and anywhere, which can be real-time news information, weather forecast, property notification, game items, etc., to enhance the hotel environment Fashion and entertainment.

Therefore, it can be seen that the intelligent advertising touch all-in-one machine is not only a benchmark for improving the image of the hotel service business, but also a sharp tool for improving the quality of hotel services. Essentially, the intelligent advertising touch integrated function can meet the requirements of display and service quality in any hotel structure with diversified characteristics, thus comprehensively improving the image and service level of the hotel environment, and bringing good reputation and benefits!

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