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Application Of Industrial Monitor Do you know which fields can use our product? Let’s talk about the application of industrial monitor today! Face recognition Home automation Arcade game machine entertainment Advertising player ATM Self service kiosk Payment cash register Medical equipment Video conference system Security monitoring Except for these, it also can use in hotel […]

The Study Tour From Alibaba We entertain two group of study tour from Alibaba today, it is two speeches totally in the morning and afternoon. It is the speeches of our boss Gina. The first group of students arrived on time in the morning. They are excited and happy. Looked around and took pictures. When speech time they are be serious […]

The difference between vertical advertising player and wall-mounted digital signage 1. Differences in usage scenarios. We believe that the application scenarios is the primary point of choosing an advertising player. It is just a mobile phone if without application scenarios (But who would like that?). Knowing the use so you can better choose the advertising machine. In general, vertical advertising machines are generally used in […]

Smart Board Interactive Do you know what is smart board interactive? It can replace the traditional whiteboard, offer greater experience to students. Show more vivid scene to students, draw student’s attention. Play multi-media, involves movies, songs, images, sheet, etc. Reduce the chalk dust, keep teachers’ and students’ healthy. —-—- Advertising Display||Game Machine Display||POS Machine||Digital Signage||KIOSK||Self-Service Terminal||Conference System||Smart Home […]

Summer Comes, Take Care Of Yourself! Summer comes, take care of yourself! Remember to drink water and wear your mask. Avoid to go to the place where is dense crowd. Proper diet and proper exercise to keep fit! You can install a smart alarm to alarm you if you always forget.Home automation is convenient, and it can alarm […]

Symtrue Open frame monitor Symtrue open frame monitor, without processor. It supports USB and RS232 interface for touch, besides, we offer 3M protocol technology to compatible more device. DVI port is optional. It also support HDMI and VGA, we are factory, accept OEM. Logo, packaging, interface and more other. We adopts A grade lcd screen for our product, […]

Dear customer, How are you? Hope you be healthy! We still believe that everything will be okay. And the labour day is coming, there are two days holiday for the May day, from May 1st to 2nd. Work starts on May 3rd. All the best! Thank you! —-—- Advertising Display||Game Machine Display||POS Machine||Digital Signage||KIOSK||Self-Service Terminal||Conference […]

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