Talk About Advertising Player

Talk About Advertising Player

  • The placement of the vertical advertising machine is mobile and can also attract people’s attention. It is mainly used in industries such as banking, finance, hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls. It vividly displays advertising information and interprets the brand image.
  • The wall-mounted advertising player is mounted at the wall, becoming a unique landscape line in the space decoration, and it is also easy to capture the eyes of customers to achieve the purpose of publicity. At present, wall-mounted digital signage are mainly used in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-end office buildings and other places. Wall-mounted advertising machines can quickly publish promotional information and new product information, focusing more attention on consumers, and also enhancing the brand of merchants. Image.
    Whatever a vertical advertising player or a wall-mounted digital signage, its main functions are similar, and users choose according to their own application scenarios and actual needs. In terms of price, the vertical digital signage is more expensive than the wall-mounted. Both types of advertising machines are relatively simple to install.


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