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Elevator advertising players include wireless terrestrial broadcast advertising. At present, some powerful technology companies in Shenzhen have the largest share of elevator advertisements in the terrestrial broadcasting system. This new type of advertising media came into being. It refers to the form of advertising that makes advertising carriers on the inner wall of building elevators. According […]

The touch screen advertising player is produced to simplify people’s operation of the computer, and its main function is for information query. Manufacturers can customize query software according to the requirements of different industries. Publishers can enter and publish relevant information. Users only need to follow the prompts and touch the touch screen to query the information […]

The advantages of the touch inquiry machine in the industry have been favored by various industries, and it has played an active role in promoting the company’s development. Especially in the promotion and display of products, the advantages of the touch inquiry machine in shopping malls are prominent. Next, let’s take a look at the […]

Nowadays, the multimedia advertising player is developing rapidly, and the intelligent advertising player is widely used. It is a good choice to put an intelligent advertising player in the hotel. It is convenient for users to use, and can independently inquire about restaurant introductions, local tourist attractions, and other information. With the rapid development of science and […]

With the development of society, intelligent touch query navigation system plays a very important role in all walks of life. Relying on the strong scientific research strength, the intelligent touch query all-in-one computer guidance system focuses on the exploration and research of computer intelligent recognition, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. In order to realize […]

Nowadays, the Internet has been fully popularized, and the application industry of touch all-in-one machines has become more and more extensive. The most common ones are shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, schools, etc. and even some institutions can see the existence of touch all-in-one machines. It is a machine that integrates the three functions of […]

The touch all-in-one machine is a multi-functional electronic digital device with touch function, which can be the configuration of the X86 computer version or the device of the Android system version, ranging from 10.1 inches to 43 inches. What is the difference between a touch all-in-one computer and a normal computer? The main difference between […]

Nowaday, traditional menu was replaced by the touch screen order tablet rapidly, and it is widely use in the fast food field and entertainment fields. Compared to the traditional menu, the smart touch screen intelligent advertising all in one pc is good looks and colourful, which shows the dynamic pictures and attracts customers better. Through […]

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