The Study Tour From Alibaba

The Study Tour From Alibaba

We entertain two group of study tour from Alibaba today, it is two speeches totally in the morning and afternoon. It is the speeches of our boss Gina.

The first group of students arrived on time in the morning. They are excited and happy. Looked around and took pictures. When speech time they are be serious to listen to Gina.

It is finished at 12 o’oclock, they left and went to have lunch.

The second speech was at 2:00 PM. We had a rest and ate lunch.

Time goes. It approached 1:00 pm. The second groups of students reached early. We took them the seat to have a break.

At 2:00 PM, all students almost our personnel manager, Coco took student to visit our company and made an introduction.

Then they walked into the conference room, Gina made a speech, she told them her experience on starting a business.

At 4:30 PM, students walked out and took a picture with Gina. They still stayed their enthsiasm on study.

It is really a wonderful day!


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