Do you what festival is today?

Do you what festival is today?

Do you what festival is today? Yeah, dear, it is teacher’s day today.

It is a date which students express their appreciation to their teacher. Why do we have such a fesitival? In 1981, CPPCC came up with set a teacher’s day. In 1985, chinese have spent the first teacher’s day. Which shows that a country attached importance to the teacher and the labours. We pay more attention to the education and teachers.

Even we grew up, but we still have our own teacher. Life is long and we learn much from others. Whatever his/her job or ages, at least one is good enough to be my teacher. We need to keep our modest and appreciation to our teachers. It is never too old to learn.

Besides, here we would like to thank you for your company, we will keep to be innovated and stronger.

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