Medical Display

Medical Display

Hi! How are you? The more and more medical equipment is needed because of the epidemic, do you know about the part of the medical equipment, all in one pc that for medical display.

Usually peolple prefer 10.1/15.6/21.5 inch AIO PC for the medical use, 10.1 inch medical display to Ultrasonic conductometer, 15.6 inch monitor for the quick online consultant for clinic. 21.5 inch all in one pc for the sekf-service health room, etc.

Different sizes for different application. We can offer android tablet pc (10.1 inch to 32 inch), windows all in one pc(10.4 inch to 21.5 inch), lcd monitor (10.4 to 32 inch) and pos machine (12.1 to 15.6 inch). We supply various sizes and different configuration for our customers, we also offer multiple interface to meet you.

Welcome your inquiries and orders. Thank you 🙂


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