vertical advertising player and wall-mounted digital signage

The difference between vertical advertising player and wall-mounted digital signage

1. Differences in usage scenarios.
We believe that the application scenarios is the primary point of choosing an advertising player. It is just a mobile phone if without application scenarios (But who would like that?). Knowing the use so you can better choose the advertising machine. In general, vertical advertising machines are generally used in hotel hotel, bank, company reception desk, exhibition hall and other places, while wall-mounted digital signage are generally used in clubs, supermarkets, elevators, cinemas, restaurants, high-end office buildings and other environments.

2. Difference in installation method.
If you find it troublesome to install, you should choose a vertical advertising machine if you want to use it, because it can continue to adjust its position and move around. Of course, you want to use an advertising machine to enhance the brand image of the business. , With the space decoration into a unique landscape, wall-mounted advertising machine is a good choice.


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